New Representative Instructions

New Representative Instructions

Welcome to Avon!  Here are just a few instructions that may help you as you start off on your new Avon adventure!

Our sales team is called the “Amazing Grace Avon Team”.  Although you will own and operate your own business, it is often helpful to have a group of people who are working towards the same goals. We are here to help each other, offer support and advice, and to cheer on each other’s accomplishments!  With that said, welcome to our team!

You are on my team email lists and you will receive several emails from me.  I purposely try not to bombard you with email, so please take time to read what I do send to you.

Team Website – please check our team website for valuable information and updates.

Team Facebook Group – search “Amazing Grace Avon Team” on Facebook and request to join.  This is a great place to connect with our teammates and get to know each other!

Customer Email – I send out a customer email/newsletter every campaign.  If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter, please go to Due to SPAM laws, I will no longer add people to the newsletter email list.  You must click on the link and subscribe.  This email outlines what I think are the best specials in the current catalog.

Organization – I would like to emphasize that although this may all seem a little overwhelming at first, it gets much easier as you go along.  Being organized is the key to success.  It is important to keep track of dates, your customers, and your campaigns.  You CAN do this!

Goal Setting – You need to set goals for yourself for each and every campaign. If you don’t have something to aim for, you won’t know when you’ve reached it!  I believe in goals and will do what I can to help you to achieve yours!  It is easy to set dollar amount goals, number of customers served goals, or number of new customers goals.

Read Everything! – I strongly encourage you to read and re-read all of the information that Avon gives to you.  Avon is a great way to bring in extra income and the plan is easy to follow.  Take the time to look through the materials in your kit and use them as a reference.  There are great ideas, organizational tools, and reference materials for your use!

The Avon Cycle – It is important to keep up with the Avon sales cycle.  Each campaign runs for a two week period.  Order deadlines are based on your zip code, so you may be on a different schedule than the rest of our team.  Be sure to keep a copy of your selling calendar handy so that you will know when your orders are due.  If you submit your order on-line, it will be due by 11 AM CST.  When your order is delivered to you, it is your responsibility to divide the orders for your customers, deliver them, and collect the payments.  The cycle then starts over and it will be time to start placing your next order.

The Website – you will conduct almost all of your Avon business via the Internet.  The web address is  You can place your order, look at product resource guides, manage your customers, and do a number of other things on this website.  Here are the instructions for logging on the first time.

  1. Go to
  2. Look on the right hand side of the screen and click the “Register Now” button
  3. Your district number is ________
  4. Enter your account number.  You will find it on the top of your contract. __________
  5. Your temporary password is the last four digits of your social security number.  Enter it and then set up a new password.
  6. You should be ready to go!

Personal Customer Website – Every Avon Representative can have a personal website, known as an “e-store”.  This is a place where you can send your customers to shop online.  When they check out, they can either choose “Representative Delivery” and have you deliver their order to them, or they can choose “Direct Delivery” and have Avon ship directly to them.  If their order is at least $35, Avon will ship it for free!  You will earn 20% – 25% commission on your online direct delivery orders depending on your sales level (President’s Club members earn an additional 5%).  Your e-rep site will have an address similar to this –  That is the website you will promote to your customers.

Website Training – I recommend watching the “Getting Started on” (20 minutes) and “Online Orders” (25 minutes).  They are basic introductions with lots of information.  You can find them under the “Training” tab.  There is also a new representative webinar every Monday night.  Check the calendar under the training tab and Pathways training.

What can I order? – you can order from the current campaign catalog, plus the past two.  For example, if you are starting in C-10, you can still order from the C-8 and C-9 books.

Placing an order on-line – You can start an order online at any time during your campaign and then come back to it at a later time.

  • Just an FYI about prices.  The prices listed are not always the lowest price from the past 3 campaigns.  You can do a “product search” and see all of the prices from the 3 campaigns. However, don’t automatically click the lowest price shown and assume that you will be able to buy it for that price. Sometimes the prices listed are for if you buy certain quantities or certain things. For example…it might have a lipstick that is $8.50 in C-10, $1.99 in C-9, and $3.99 in C-8. The $8.50 is probably the regular price and it wasn’t on sale during that campaign. The $1.99 might be buy one get one for $1.99 (meaning that you would have to order two of them or else you would be charged $8.50 when it actually billed). The $3.99 is actually the best price in this case, although it doesn’t seem like it when you just see the prices listed there.
  • One Simple Fee – you will be charged a fee for each order that you place.  An on time order will be charged $5.95 – $10.95 depending on the size of your order.
  • You can submit ONE order per campaign on your order due date.  If you submit an additional order, you will be charged the One Simple Fee plus $4 for each Ship Separate order or additional order that you submit.

Your earnings

  • Your commission is based on the size of your order.  You will earn from 0% – 50% commission on most items. Some items, those marked with an asterisk in the catalog, are fixed commission items and you will earn only 20%.  Most of the shoes, purses, watches, etc. fall into this 20% bracket.
  • See the chart inside your What’s New or click HERE to see the earnings scale.

Collecting Payments from customers – How your customers pay for their orders is up to you.  You may want to take a deposit up front, especially if you don’t know the customer very well or if you are afraid that they might not pay you when their order arrives.  The best practice is to collect payments up front so that you are never “chasing your money”.  I accept cash, checks, and credit cards.  There are free credit card forms available for you to use when a customer wants to pay by credit card.  To accept a customer credit card, use the form and follow these instructions.

  • Fill out the form with all information
  • Call the 800 number listed on the inside cover of the form (1-800-782-7585)
  • Submit the information over the telephone to Avon
  • Write down the approval code onto the form
  • Tear off the front white copy and mail it to Avon.  You will not get a credit on your account until Avon receives this copy and has time to process it.  It usually takes about a week.
  • NOTE – this is not how you would pay Avon from your credit or debit card!

Paying Avon

  • Depending on your credit limit, you may or may not need to pay a deposit when you place your order to Avon.  Please collect payments up front from your customers so that you will have the money needed to pay Avon when you place your order.
  • After you are an established Avon representative, Avon may ship your orders to you on credit, as long as your balance is $0 when you submit your orders.  If you have any balance at all (even $0.02), then your order will be put on hold until your balance is paid in full.  Make sure that your balance is $0 when submitting your next order to avoid any delays in shipment.
  • You have four options when paying your Avon invoices
  1. Sign up for QuikPay.  This is an on-line payment program that is connected directly to your checking or savings account.  It is a draft system where you enter your information and Avon drafts your account when you are ready to pay for your orders. (Note – it does not automatically pay your bill for you…you still have to physically go in and tell it to draft your account for the payment).
  2. You can pay by personal credit or debit card online.  It will also accept pre-paid Visa cards that you can buy at Walgreens and other similar places.
  3. Mail in a check or money order.  This works fine, but you have to depend on the mail system.  If you are going to pay by check or money order, I would suggest sending in the payment as soon as you receive your order.  This will give Avon about a week to get it processed before your next order is due.  The down side to this is that you will have to send in your payment before you have had time to deliver your orders and collect money from your customers.  If possible, do not use this method of payment. It is SLOW and may cause a delay in the shipment of your orders.
  4. You can pay by personal credit or debit card over the phone.  This is the method that I use and I think that it works great.  You can pay your balance right before your next order is due, plus you have time to collect your money before your credit card bill arrives.  Here are the instructions for this…

1. Call 1-513-551-2866 (Fast Talk number)

2. Enter your account #

3. It will say, “Is this (your name)?” Say “yes”. It will take you to the main                     menu

4. Say “Make a Payment”

5. Follow the instructions for making a payment to your personal credit or                          debit card.


  • You will order catalogs every campaign.  They come out two campaigns ahead (for example, in campaign 10 you will order campaign 12 books).  The more that you order, the cheaper that they are.  It is important to have lots of catalogs on hand because the more that you give out, the more potential customers that you will reach.  I encourage you not to over order, but not to under order either.  Try ordering a lot in the beginning while you are trying to build your customer base and give them out to everyone that you meet.  You never know who might be looking for a new Avon store!
  • Mark Magalogs, Outlet Catalogs, Sales Flyers – it is up to you if you want to invest in these catalogs.  If you order Mark products, they will send you 5 Magalogs for free. You will get one Outlet for free each campaign.  Usually, they will send you some sale flyers for free too.  To order any of this type of catalog, click on “shop catalogs” at the left of your on-line order form.  Then choose what you would like to order.
  • A great way to mail brochures to customers is to use an affordable service called Campaign Mailer.  The prices include the brochure and postage.  Here is a website for more information:
  • Keep in mind that every brochure is a potential customer.  Never throw a brochure away!  The more you give out, the more customers you can serve!

Business Tools – For your first few orders, you will need to buy some supplies.  I would recommend the following items (to find them on-line, go to your order form and click “Shop Sales Tools” from the menu on the left. Click on the “Business tools” tab and you should be able to find all of the following items.

  • Order books (get 1 or 2.  These are the carbon order books) – free
  • Credit Card forms (5-10.  These are to use when your customers want to pay by credit card) – free
  • 10 lb. Delivery bags – LARGE POPCORN BAGS.
  • Plastic Brochure Cover – I have four of these that I use for MY catalogs.  It helps to have a book that I can write in, put tabs on the pages, etc. and it is protected by the plastic cover.  I reuse the same covers over and over.
  • Samples – it is good to have fragrance samples and Anew samples on hand, but only if you want to.  Customers will usually ask for specific things and you can just buy them as needed.  I put a sample into every customer delivery bag.  People like free stuff.  This is important! :)

Commonly Used #’s for Business Tools

1.  Clear Literature Bags – 058-433  50bags/0.80cents

This is the Avon bag with the hole cut out for a door knob for when you walk your books It can also be used if you toss books on driveways. Just place your brochure in sideways and tuck the unused portion of the bag into the middle of the book – your book now looks laminated and will slide up a driveway when tossed out a car window. The plastic also keeps the book dry around sprinklers.  To find these bags look under sales tools and then Business tools.

2.  Order Book – 347-802 (English) or 347-817 (Spanish)   FREE – No Limit – Order what you need!

This is the book that comes with the carbon paper in the back that can be used when you take orders from customers. These can be found under sales tools, then Business tools Supplies. Note – You can also purchase a Hard pink cover that the order books fits into if you wish to look more professional – 129-842  

3.  Delivery Bags  (This list needs to be updated, but Avon is still making changes)

Small Popcorn

Our smallest bag, for jewelry or small lightweight items (almost useless) 951-136  50 bags / 0.95 cents

Large Popcorn

Our most used size – 10 lb. paper bag 951-140  50 bags / $1.25

Paper Shopping Bag – XL

Large tote bag with handles – great for Christmas, shoes, big orders! 951-121  10 bags /$2.95

Paper Shopping Bag – Lg.

Large tote bag with handles – great for Christmas, shoes, big orders! 951-102  10 bags / $2.55

Paper Shopping Bag – Md.

Holds a little more than the large popcorn bag, but has handles and looks like a gift bag. 951-098  10 bags / $2.25


Appointment Kit This is the kit you use to sign-up new Reps $10 ea English 676-984 Spanish 676-999
Brochures + 3 These are for building your future kits – These brochures are

3 campaigns ahead

English 147-241 Spanish 132-720

5. SHOP CATALOGS – (Mark Magalog – Outlets!)

This link is located UNDER the Shop Sales Tools link. This is where you can find and purchase all of the “additional” brochures like Mark Magalogs, Outlet, Beauty on a Budget, etc.

Taxes – Keep a record of all of your expenses because they are tax deductible.  This includes what you pay for catalogs, demos, samples, processing fees, etc.  It also includes expenses such as mileage for deliveries and handing out books, a percentage of your internet fees, cell phone, computer ink, computer paper, postage, etc.  Anything that you use for your business, make sure that you keep a record of it for tax purposes.  I encourage you to keep up with your income throughout the year so that it doesn’t become overwhelming during tax time every year.

What’s New Catalog – you will get a What’s New catalog every campaign.  They feature new items that Avon will be introducing in future campaigns, as well as some of the more popular products that are going to be on sale.  The products in the What’s New catalog are discounted 40% (25% on fixed earnings items).  However, as a non-President’s Club member, you can only order ONE of each item at this price.  You can order one per campaign as long as the catalog is valid (and you can backorder from it).

President’s Club THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!  YOU WANT TO MAKE PC!!! After you sell $10,100 in Avon products within the year selling cycle (C-8 through C-7 of the following year), you will become a member of Avon’s President’s Club.  As a member, you will receive guaranteed commission of 40% (and 25% on fixed earnings items) no matter what the size of your orders, plus you will be able to order 3 demos from the What’s New Catalog instead of only one.  You will get special gifts throughout the year plus a toll-free number to call when you need assistance.  There are other benefits to becoming a member of the President’s Club, so make it your goal to achieve this during your first year!

Leadership Opportunity – Who do you know that could use additional income?  The fastest way to maximize your earnings with your new Avon business is by sharing it with everyone you know.  When you recruit others to start an Avon business, you will be paid cash bonuses for helping them get started and residual income from them as they sell to their customers.  For example, you can earn $$$$ cash bonuses for bringing new people to Avon and meeting certain sales goals!  Ask your upline for more details about how this works!

Don’t Give Up! – You are a brand new business owner.  You will have some learning to do and you will have some obstacles to overcome.  I’m an Avon success story.  I believe in the products, the people, and the opportunity.  I’m a stay-at-home mom because of Avon and I know that ANYONE can be successful in this business.  Do not make it harder than it needs to be.  Put brochures in people’s hands and ask them, “What can I get you from here?”  Follow up with people and build relationships with them.  Step out of your comfort zone a little and be willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service.  Everyone you know and everyone that you meet uses products that they could buy from Avon (soap, shampoo, makeup, clothes, jewelry, skin care, etc.).  Decide what you want to accomplish with this business and DO IT!  I believe in YOU!

HELP – Above all else, ASK for help when you need it!  I’m here to help you build your business so that it is a life-long career for you to enjoy!  We are a team and I want you to be successful.  Please feel free to email me, text me, or phone me when needed and I will do what I can to help you any way possible! Here is a list of numbers to use as well.

Click on “My Account” > “Maintain Profile” > “Support Information” to find out how to contact your District Sales Manager and Upline.

Atlanta Branch Customer Service 1/513-551-2866

Atlanta Customer Service–Spanish 1/513-551-4000 — Click on HELP or E-Mail Us

Leadership Desk 1/800-443-2831

Internet Issues 1/888-514-2866

Quick Pay Issues 1/877-784-5729

Fund Raisers 1/800-318-1399

Product Information 1/800-445-2866

Customer Credit Card Authorization & Approval 1/800-248-3972

Fax Orders (use form 134-393) 1/800-248-3972

E-Rep Tech Support 1/888-514-2866

Beauty Advisor (M-F, 8-4) 1/888-340-2866

Mark Representatives Help line 1/513-551-2900

UPS Tracking: 1/800-pickups

UPS (need tracking #) 1/800-742-5877 or

Good luck with your new Avon Adventure!  God Bless! :)


Paula Weatherly

HOME – 281-324-6150

CELL – 713-515-2299




Brochures are a Great Investment in your Business!



                                    50 brochures                                            $15.00

Demo Products                                          15.00

Samples                                                  __5.00

                                                                           $35.00  investment

18 customers  (1/3 of 50)

x$20.00 average customer order

$360 at 35% earnings = $126 in earnings

$126.00   in earnings

_-35.00   investment

$91.00      in       actual earnings !




                                    100 brochures                                           $22.00

Demo Products                                          15.00

Samples                                                   __5.00

                                                                            $42.00  investment

35 customers (1/3 of 100)

x$20.00 average customer order

$700.00 at 40% earnings = $280.00 in earnings

$280.00   in earnings

_-42.00   investment

$238.00       in      actual earnings !


Which   would   YOU   rather   earn?

$91.00   or   $238.00 ?

By spending an extra $7.00 your additional EARNINGS

are $147.00.  The choice is up to you!

Example of an intro letter…

Welcome to Avon!

CAMPAIGN 19 SPECIAL – Place a $25 order and get a FREE gift!  Orders must be received by Thursday, September 15th at noon!

Hi!  My name is Paula Weatherly and I am a brand new Avon Sales Representative!  I am so excited about joining the Avon Family and I am really looking forward to meeting new people and serving my customers.

Please help me launch my business successfully! Here are a few things that you can do to help me get off to a great start!

  • DON’T throw this booklet away!!!!  After you look through it, please pass it along to someone else who you think might be interested!
  • READ the booklet cover to cover…Avon is constantly adding new products.  They have lots of beauty supplies and everything has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  There are also products that you wouldn’t think Avon would carry…clothes, gifts, collectibles, etc.
  • ORDER something from me!  I need all the customers I can get! If you would like to place an order, you can call me or email me.  My phone number is 281-852-8605 and my email address is
  • Shop my website,, and share it with your friends and family!
  • Are you interested in being an Avon Representative?  I would love to share my story with you and help you or someone you know get started with Avon!
  • If you know of someone else who may like to receive a catalog, please let me know and I will get one to them as soon as possible.

Here are my promises to you, my new valued customer.

  • I PROMISE to provide the very best customer service possible.
  • I PROMISE to run fun promotions and offer buying incentives once I get a little more established.  I already have some great ideas…so be watching for more to come!
  • I PROMISE to keep you up to date on the best prices for your favorite products.  Let me know what you use the most and I will watch for the best possible prices for you.

Here are the FAQS (or some answers to frequently asked questions).

  • How often do I place an order? – Every two weeks.  I will need all orders by 7 PM on Thursday.  My first deadline is Thursday, September 15th
  • When will I get my products? – I will begin delivering orders on the following Thursday, the week after the order deadline.
  • What if I have sensitive skin? – All Avon products are hypo-allergenic!
  • Do you accept credit cards? – Yes…Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
  • How can I become an Avon Rep? – Call me and let’s talk!  It is easy and fun!

Thanks for your business!  I look forward to hearing from you soon!  J


Paula Weatherly


To buy or sell Avon, call Paula at 281-324-6150 or email


CAMPAIGN 19 SPECIAL – Place a $25 order and get a FREE gift!  Orders must be received by Thursday, September 15th at noon!

Places to leave brochures –

  1. Doctors office
  2. Dentists office
  3. Mechanics’ waiting room
  4. Laundromat
  5. College campus
  6. Beauty salon
  7. Barber shop
  8. Tax Preparation offices & kiosks
  9. Orthodontist office
  10. Insurance office
  11. Dry Cleaner
  12. Ice Cream parlor
  13. Bagel shop
  14. Donut shop
  15. Deli
  16. ATM
  17. Veterinarian
  18. Nail salon
  19. Day Care Center
  20. Retirement Homes
  21. Model Home Sales Center
  22. Real Estate office
  23. Convenience store
  24. Grocery store
  25. Toll Booth collectors
  26. Video rental store
  27. Fitting Room
  28. Fast Food drive-thru
  29. Bank Tellers
  30. Shoe store
  31. Resale Shop
  32. Child Activity Center
  33. Temporary agencies
  34. Unemployment offices
  35. Florist
  36. Pet Store
  37. Dance Studio
  38. Mortgage and Title Companies
  39. Apartment Rental Office
  40. Office Supply Store
  41. School Administration Office
  42. Fabric Store
  43. Bakery
  44. Print Shop
  45. Tanning Salon
  46. Car Dealerships
  47. Health Store
  48. Sales Clerks
  49. Senior Activity Center
  50. YMCA
  51. Emergency/Urgent Care Clinics
  52. Pet Emergency Clinic
  53. Garage Sales
  54. Credit Union
  55. Bus Stop
  56. Pharmacy
  57. Movie theatre lobbies
  58. Jewelry store
  59. Fitness/Gym
  60. Gas Station
  61. Bowling Alley
  62. Family Fun Center
  63. School Pick-up Lines (Moms)
  64. Coffee Cafe
  65. CPA & Law Offices

These sites offer some great ideas for ways to promote and market your Avon business

BUMPERBANNER.COM/AVON – You buy a “bumper banner” container for $4.75 and it Velcro’s to your bumper. Then you print out from their website, assorted Avon bumper stickers to put inside the plastic bumper container. You can PERSONALIZE these banners before you print them, with your name and number or web address. You can slide them out and replace with different banners as often as you wish, unlike regular bumper stickers.

WEBDECAL.COM – Order custom made decals for your vehicle windows, with your name, phone, etc.

FLAMINGTOAST.COM/AVON – More window decals. Super cute hot pink lips!

CARDPOCKETS.COM – Business card holder for your car window, great for recruiting.

ACCESSTOACCESSORIES.COM – Great prices on PHOTO TOTE BAGS! Lipstick pins, scarves, cello bags, and lots more! Photo Tote Bags to put your Avon brochures and cut outs on the side and use as a purse while shopping. What a great way to get people to come to you while you are out shopping!

NASHVILLEWRAPS.COM – This is your one stop source for wholesale gift basket supplies, from shrink wrap and shrink guns to paper grass and lots more. What a great way to sell your Avon products for holidays!

GETORGANIZEDCO.COM – They also carry the Photo Tote Bags, plus several other products to carry demos in.

GLITZETAL.COM – Avon Pins to wear, plus Honor Society and Presidents Club Pins.

LITTLETHINGSINC.COM – More cute pins to wear that will promote your business every time you wear them!

THEBOOSTER.COM – Stickers to put on your brochures, postcards, etc.

VISTAPRINT.COM – FREE business cards ($4.99 shipping on the free cards) Address labels, postcards, etc.

WINNERIN YOU.COM – This is Lisa Wilbur’s website, she is a Senior Executive Unit Leader featured on the Avon Rich and Famous Vide. Check out her photo gallery for some great ideas to promote your business!

EXPRESSYOURSELFONLINE.COM – Great show bags to carry as a purse!

AVON Hot Points

Sell A Little More . .

Earn a Lot More . .

Pay Much Less! !

Definition:  Hot Point – the $ break point between one earning level and the next higher earning level.

One more item ordered can push you into the next earning level, and reduce the amount you owe Avon!  Give yourself a raise the easy way by paying attention to the Hot Points!

(Earn and Owe amounts below are approximate depending on sales of fixed earnings items.)

$265 is a HOT POINT

Sales                       Earnings Level                     You Earn               You Owe

$265                            30%                                        $79.50                   $185.50

$285                            35%                                       $99.75                   $185.25


$395 is a HOT POINT

Sales                       Earnings Level                      You Earn              You Owe

$395                            35%                                    $138.50                 $256.75

$425                            40%                                   $170.00                 $255.00

$825 is a HOT POINT


Sales                       Earnings Level                   You Earn You Owe

$825                            40%                                      $330                      $495

$900                            45%                                     $405.00                $495.00

$1415 is a HOT POINT


Sales                       Earnings Level                   You Earn You Owe

$1415                         45%                                      $636.75                $778.25

$1,550                        50%                                     $775                      $775

89 Responses to New Representative Instructions

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi there! Can you please tell me the address to use when sending the white slip and credit card authorization number to Avon? I called and asked, but their customer service dept. said that they did not know – thanks!


    • It depends on your local branch. I know the one for Atlanta –

      Avon Products – Atlanta
      PO Box 105541
      Atlanta, GA 30348-5541

      I tear off the payment portion from my invoice and include it with credit card forms.

      HOWEVER, Avon has recently made changes to how they want us to process credit cards! Ask your District Sales Manager for your District’s CC Number and follow these instructions:

      First call 1-800-782-7585 and get your approval code.

      Now call _________ (your District’s automated credit card record line) and the credit will post to your account in one business day. You don’t mail anything in or fax anything, you just leave a voice mail on that line and you’re done. It will take up to 3 credit cards per day. IF YOU ARE PROCESSING MORE THAN 3 CREDIT CARDS PER DAY, YOU WILL NEED TO MAIL THEM IN.

      NOTE: Be sure to mark paid on your white copy and keep it with your records.
      (DO NOT mail in the white copy if you have phoned it in.)

      Once you call the ____ District’s CC Number give the following information…
      * Avon account number
      * Customer’s name and billing zip code
      * Customer’s credit card number and expiration date
      * Amount to be charged
      * Approval number

      Hope this helps! :D


  2. How do use my hundred dollar credit limit


    • Howdy Tania!

      Avon gives most representatives “Instant Credit”. This means that they will ship you, based on the cost of your order, up to your credit limit without you having to pay them up front. In your case, if you have a $100 credit limit, you can order up to $100 worth of product and Avon will send them to you without payment. However, your payment for this order is due, in FULL, by the date your next order is due.

      If you have a $100 credit limit, and place a $500 Avon order (customer cost), you’d owe Avon approximately $300. In this case, you would need to pay a $200 deposit before Avon would ship you the order. Once you receive the order, you have until your next order is due to pay the remaining balance.

      Instant Credit with Avon is NOT like a revolving Credit Card. No matter how much you use of it, you are expected to pay it down to a $0 balance by the time your next order is due (two weeks later).

      Money Management is the #1 most important aspect of running an Avon business. You will be wise to collect payments from your customers up front, keep your Avon money separate from your personal accounts, and always remember to pay Avon before you take ANY of the money you collect from your customers and use for yourself.

      I hope that this helps!

      Good luck to you! :)


  3. charlotte says:

    Wow! What a wealth of info. I am on my first campaign an although I am not a member of your team I certainly was happy to find your site. I learned so much and had a lot of questions answered. I just had to compliment you and your site and say thanks!


  4. max says:

    I have a question i am a new avon rep did not get instant credit is that something i will get in the future as long as my account is in good standing. I emailed my district manager but she does not respond


    • Howdy Max!

      You asked a great question with no magic answer. It really depends on WHY you didn’t get instant credit. There was a glitch in December and NO representatives appointed during about a 10 day period were given instant credit. If you happen to be one of those reps, then it is just a matter of getting the issue resolved.

      If you didn’t get credit because you have sold before and went to collections before you paid off your balance in full, you will never be eligible for instant credit.

      If you didn’t get it because Lexus Nexus could not verify your identity, then you can ask your account to be reviewed after 13 campaigns. There is a possibility that they will give you instant credit at that point.

      Right now, don’t worry about it! It is actually not a bad thing!!! You won’t have to chase your payments because your customers will need to pay you up front for their orders. Every other direct selling company requires payments up front, so just run your business like they do. Collect up front, pay up front, get PAID up front. Not a bad thing at all!

      Good luck to you! Happy New Year!



  5. Hi,my name is Stephanie and I’m with Avon. I just sign up to be a Representative and I am having the hardest time getting customers to buy anything. So what should I do to get customers. I been posting my web address on peoples profile. Give me some advice of getting customers.


  6. Stephanie Wallace Avon Rep. Please tell your Friends an family members coworkers! Spread the word! Great product & Great Price on makeup,jewerly,shoes,clothes ects. So this is your inivitation to my Avon store. When enter the website there is a link on the catalogs to go browes through Avon products. You create you free account to purchase anything.


  7. Lisa wingard says:

    I’m wondering why my name doesn’t come up in the find a rep in my area. how many campaigns do you have to sell for that to be activated?


    • I’m honestly not sure. I think that the rules have changed and it is now six campaigns, but I could be wrong. You also need to check under your Profile (at the top of the page on and make sure that you are enrolled in CUSTOMER CONNECT. Even if you aren’t eligible, you need to enroll so that customers can find you.

      Hope this helps! :)


  8. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not
    writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to
    say wonderful blog!


  9. Bertha Fletcher says:

    Hey I just signed up, and I need help with ordering, I saw we pay a fee for placing a order so can we add every bodys on one big order? for locals, so I can just deliver in person, or am I suppose to do it separate? I’m sorry im just new and confused…


    • Howdy Bertha!

      You can enter each of their orders under their own names, but you only submit one TIME to Avon per campaign. You select all of the small orders and submit them together.

      You should collect a processing fee from each customer. If you charge a 0.75 processing fee and sell to 10 customers, you would collect $7.50 which should cover your One Simple Fee that you pay to Avon. If you sell to 20 customers and collect $15, that is enough to pay your fee and buy 10 brochures.

      I hope this helps! Congratulations on starting your new Avon business! Best of luck to you!



  10. Great wealth of information. Thank you


  11. Debra Kamrad says:

    Hi, do most Avon Representatives charge the processing fee on their customers orders?


    • Yes! Absolutely! It helps to cover the cost of doing business. I personally charge $1.25 processing fee and I know some who charge up to $2.50. The standard fee is $0.75 and has been for YEARS (I charged this for over six years before I finally increased it). Customers can always shop from your website for direct delivery and not pay a fee (free shipping on $30 orders).

      This fee will help cover your shipping fee, the cost of your bags, the brochure, and your samples. I love buying from other direct sellers (Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Thirty-One, etc.) and I pay MUCH higher processing fees to those companies!

      Hope this helps! :)


  12. Tiffiny says:

    Hi. I am a new rep. and am not on your team. I wish I were though! You have great information. I am in another state and I have contacted my district manager twice and have never gotten a response. So from what I gather reading your post about sales tools, we can take credit card orders with out purchasing an imprinter is that right? Also, I am trying to link my website to a business FB page. I started the FB page, but don’t know how to put Avon info on it. Do you have any suggestions? What is an upline? Is that my District Manager? If someone wants to sign up for Avon through me do I have to do it through her? I wonder, because she isn’t responding to me. I have bookmarked your site. Any help you can give would be much appreciated.


    • Howdy Tiffiny!

      Congratulations on your new business! Welcome to Avon!

      I’m sorry about your manager. Keep reaching out to her/him. Managers are just like employees for any company – some are amazing and some are terrible. Most are pretty good and the ones who aren’t eventually get weeded out. When I started, my manager partnered me with another local rep to help me because he couldn’t keep up with my questions! LOL! There are lots of groups on Facebook that you can join where people share all sorts of ideas. Avon Cafe is one of the bigger ones. Search for it! :)

      To answer your questions, yes you can take credit cards without the imprinter. The imprinter is a security measure in case someone gives you a stolen card. If you are worried about the customer’s card, use a pencil and paper and make an impression of it by coloring over the card with the pencil turned sideways.

      I’m not sure how to answer your Facebook question. I have a business page and in the settings, I listed my website and information. If you want to link your FB page to your personal Avon website, it is now pretty easy to do through Web Office.

      An upline is the person who signed you up. I signed up with the District Manager, so I don’t have an upline. The managers are paid Avon employees. I have a team of people under me, so that makes me the upline to my team. My team is my downline. You will often hear downline referred to as “success line” and things like that too. I just call them my team. :) When you start inviting people to join Avon and help them sign up under you, you will be their upline and they will be your downline.

      You will have to have your upline or your manager help you sign up your first recruit. This is for training purposes. Avon wants you to know how to correctly conduct a face to face appointment. Once you have signed up your first person, you will have access to online appointing. That is the website where people can go online and join Avon by filling out a form and paying their $10 sign up fee. Avon will mail their appointment kit directly to them. The site is and you would give them your reference code. My code is pweatherly. Your code will be the unique part of your personal website URL. For example, my website is, so my code is pweatherly. Make sense?

      I hope that this helps! Feel free to ask more questions. You never know who might be reading and will be glad that you asked! :)

      Good luck to you! I wish you the best!



  13. Tiffiny says:

    Thank you so much for all the info. I really wish now that I signed up through a rep instead of online. It would be so nice to feel like part of a team. I am going to check out Avon Café right now. I have made your site one of my favorites. It is a wonderful site and your reps are very fortunate to have you as a leader. I wish you and your team much success.


  14. Stacey says:

    If a customer didn’t get their order from an online order, how can I help as a Rep?


    • The Customer Care number for online direct delivery orders is 1-800-500-2866 (AVON). If you want to call on her behalf, pretend you are the customer until you get to a live person. Have her order confirmation ready to present (you can find it in your web office). The people at this number are EXTREMELY helpful and are my favorite people to deal with on the phone in all of Avon-Land! Good luck! :)


  15. Hello, I am a new Avon Rep. I need help, I have found a lot of answers on this page, but can you tell me how I know if someone paid by credit card when they ordered online? Or even if they chose direct delivery or rep delivery? Thank you so much for posting this page, you have no idea how helpful it is.


    • Howdy Laurel!

      Congratulations on your new Avon business! I’m glad that my site helped you!

      When a customer goes online to order from your website, they have two options at checkout.

      1. They can choose DIRECT DELIVERY. The order will ship directly to them, they will pay online, and you will not be notified of the transaction. Within a few minutes of their order, you can see their order on under WEB OFFICE. On the right hand side it will say “You have ___ new direct delivery orders.” The commission from this order will show up as a credit to your account within 3-5 business days.

      2. They can choose REPRESENTATIVE DELIVERY. If they choose this option, they can NOT pay online. You will get an email from Avon telling you that you have a new order in your cart. When you submit your regular order for that campaign, you submit their order at the same time. You will deliver it and collect payment.

      Good luck to you! You have chosen a fantastic business to join and I hope you achieve great success! :)



  16. Layla says:

    This is a great post–very informative. I’m a rep in CT and I’m sure I’ll be referring to this many times. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together!


  17. Roseann says:

    Hi Paula,

    Thank you for ALL this wonderful information! I have been an Avon Rep for a little over a year (moving slowly) but now I’m trying to move faster. You have answered many of my questions! Thanks again for all your help — you’re an angel :)

    Just Me


  18. Elisa Carry says:

    I have been an Avon Rep for 6 campaigns, working on my 7th. I ran across this site trying to figure out how to use my new order form cover and pen. Although I didn’t find the answer to that question, I was pleasantly surprised with the content of your new representative page. I wish I would have had this information sooner!
    Kudos to you and your sales team!


  19. JasLyn Nash says:

    I am a little confused on the hot point. Can you please go into further details? I would greatly appreciate it.


    • Howdy JasLyn!

      Our commission is based on the size of our orders. Sometimes it benefits us to add a little more to our order to get to the next commission level because the 5%-10% additional commission will pay for the additional things we buy to get to that next level. I hope that this makes sense!

      Paula :)


  20. Kamille Richards says:

    I am a brand new AVON Representative and I am excited for this opportunity. You have provide so much information and I am grateful for all of the advice that you have given. Thank you for your wisdom.

    Happy Selling!


  21. Great site I am still waiting 4 my appt. Kit , u answered so many questions, yr team is lucky to have u. Ty again.


  22. Kristina says:

    I just signed up this week as a new rep. I just ran across this page while googling info about customers wanting to order from a past campaign and you had the answer right here :)
    I have learned so much. I’m adding this site to my fave folder for future reference. Great site and info, Thanks for sharing!


  23. I am brand new and just got campaign 8 and 9 books along with your guides to planning the next couple campaigns, We are just about to finish up campaign 8 and start campaign 9. Is there a way to search for demos online and/or order demos for campaign 9 or is it too late? You have helped answer so many of my questions. Thank you!!!


  24. Holly says:

    Do new reps still get the 40% guaranteed earnings for the first 4 campaigns? I thought I saw somewhere that it was being discontinued as of C8 this year. If that is the case, what if you signed up before C8? For example, I signed up DURING C7, but my first order is for C8…


    • Howdy Holly!

      The 40% is gone as of C8. If you were appointed to start in C7 but skipped the C7 order, you will still get 40% on 8, 9, and 10. But if you were actually slated to start in C8, then you don’t get the guaranteed earnings.

      Sooooo….the goal is to always strive to sell $500+ per campaign if you want to see a nice profit from your business! A $440 order will get you 40%, but aim for $500! $500 per campaign will allow you to easily achieve President’s Club in your first full cycle…and then you will get 40% guaranteed on all of your orders for the remainder of that cycle and all of the next!

      Congrats on your business and good luck to you!



  25. Rita Mathis says:

    I am a new Avon Representative. I started in Campaign 6. Since I am in a different district and under a different unit leader am I still able to join your FB page? You have so much valuable information and it very encouraging. Right now I am very overwhelmed and feel that I have not made very good choices trying to build my business. My unit leader has been sick and has not been able to help alot with this concern. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


    • Howdy Rita!

      How’s is your Avon business going? I know that it can be overwhelming…but we all have to start somewhere. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you with anything. Hopefully your leader is better by now. You should have a local District Sales Manager who can help you as well. Unfortunately, you can’t join under one team and be moved to another. If you ever stop selling for at least six months, you can re-join under any leader.

      Good luck to you!



  26. Ashley says:

    I just started and am looking forward to getting my kit.I signed online.Do you do in homes parties?My twins start preschool in the fall,so I think this will be good to do while the kids are in school.


    • Howdy Ashley!

      I have had parties in the past and Open Houses around the holidays. However, it isn’t something that I schedule on a regular basis. I do believe that the “party plan” that many home based businesses follow is an EXCELLENT way to build your business!

      I have enjoyed reading the Build It Big books and they have great ideas about how to consistently schedule parties to grow your business. I would recommend reading these books (I know that you can buy them for less than $5 with shipping on Amazon) as you start to build your customer base.

      Good luck to you! :)


  27. Hannah says:

    Im placing my first order..The book says one price while online says another..which one do I go with?


    • Great question! The price in the book is the one to go with…make sure you read the special and meet the requirements to get the correct price. For example, if something is 3 for $8.99, you will need to buy three of them to get the deal. Otherwise you will pay full price for those products not ordered in sets of 3s. Also, if something is buy one get one for $1.99, you will see $1.99 showing as the price on the computer. However, you will be charged full price for the first one and $1.99 for the second. If you only order one, you will pay full price for it.

      When you are to the point of submitting your order, you will come to a screen that tells you that your estimated order total was $XXX.XX amount and then it will say that your new estimated total is $YYY.YY. You can click on “View Subtotal” to see the changes to prices. I always really study this screen to make sure that I haven’t made any mistakes while ordering! Sometimes I might have put a product in from the wrong campaign or something and this is where I catch the error and go back and fix it.

      Good luck to you! :)


  28. Jenn says:

    How do people sign under me?


  29. viviana says:

    Im new. Im a avon rep.
    I got all my customers orders and it added all together 110.75.
    so im going to say $110.
    Now when I put the orders in how much would I have to pay right there on the spot when I submit the orders do I have to pay the full amount. Or half or ?. Because I did get some of the money from some customers and other customers they didnt want to give me the money until there product is here. Im asking this for I can know how much to put in the bank and money from my pocket.


    • Howdy Viviana!

      Congratulations on your new business and your first order! Most new representatives do have to pay for their Avon orders up front at the time that they submit the order. It is best to completely pay your balance before spending any of the money that you collect from your customers. This ensures that you will have a healthy business. It is hard to know exactly how much you will be required to pay up front…but you can call Avon the morning after you submit your order and the automated recording should tell you exactly what you owe.

      I also recommend having an extra “cushion” in your bank account to cover yourself in case someone doesn’t pay on time or you have unexpected expenses like returns. Remember, your business will only thrive as long as you make sure that your account is always paid up and current.

      Good luck to you!



  30. Ariel says:

    How do you collect from customer before order comes in? How do you charge them???


    • Howdy Ariel!

      There are several options for getting payment up front, but the easiest is with a credit or debit card. Other options include things like PayPal, having them mail a check, or collecting cash from them in person. I have a SQUARE that accepts credit card payments through my cell phone too.

      Good luck!


  31. Yolanda says:

    I am SO THANKFUL for coming across your site. Rejoining the stay at home mom community, I have decided to also make the decision to rejoin Avon as well, a business that I have always loved. Coming across your website prior to making this decision really motivated me and helped me to make this final decision. And without an upline to turn to, I also decided to join under you, thanks so much for listing your reference code so I could use it during my sign up :). I look forward to another successful business with Avon and this time for the long term!


  32. rohini says:

    Kindly tell me the full detail of Avon


  33. Brian Hunter says:

    Do you charge for the bag that the order is put in


  34. jo says:

    I just recently signed up a recruit and AVON did not give her a credit limit. however, on her profile it says “instant” credit. I have called Cust Serv three times and sat on hold all three times for over an hour, but no help ever came. what is the deal?


    • Howdy Jo!

      Things are changing with Avon’s Credit Department. From this point forward, I would assume that all new representatives need to pay for their orders at the time they submit them. Online Appointments do not get credit and the rumor is that no new representatives will get credit after the first of the year.

      Don’t let this discourage you! It is better for YOU as the upline to have your team paying for their orders when they place them. I can’t tell you how many AWESOME representatives I have lost over the years due to poor money management skills on their part.

      As far as the term “instant credit” it actually has dual meaning in the Avon World. We tend to refer to having credit as soon as they are appointed (without having to earn it) as “Instant Credit”…but that isn’t what Avon is referring to in your case. This term actually means that they will be able to process returns and get credit “instantly”. For now, this privilege is extended to all representatives until they abuse it, or have too many “chronic returners” for customers, and it is taken away from them.

      I hope that all of this information is helpful! Good luck to you!



  35. Hannah says:

    What is the new rep goal about?? And how do I check my earnings that is not from direct shipping??


    • Howdy Hannah!

      I’m not sure which new rep goal you are referring to, but Avon offers various incentives to new representatives to encourage you to work hard to sell as much as you can!

      Your earnings from your orders you deliver personally comes from what you collect from your customers. It is whatever amount is left after you pay your Avon bill in full.

      I hope this helps!



  36. Jessica Joyner says:

    My name is Jessica Joyner and i just started selling and i missed a campaign date and i cant figure out how i can order Campaign 1 brochures i have Campaign 2 But i cant find out how to order the books i missed


    • Howdy Jessica!

      The brochures always have the same product number, 055745 for English brochures. They are sold two campaigns ahead. So to order C1 brochures, add 055745 to your order form and change the campaign drop down box to a C25. Brochures ordered in C25 will be C1.

      I know that it is confusing! But just remember that on your C1 order, you will be ordering books for C3. Always two campaigns out. On your C1 order if you wanted more books for C2, you would use the same product number but change the drop down box to a C26 (because that is two campaigns before C2). I hope that this makes sense!

      Good luck and Merry Christmas!


  37. jleighs81 says:

    I am so glad that I found your page! I have been confused about so much. Don’t get me wrong AVON has great information, but I needed the info the way you have it on your page.


  38. Cindy says:

    Hello I was wondering to you have to,place one big order or can you place a lot of smaller orders?


  39. Cindy says:

    Hello again. I am having trouble reaching my district manager she will not answer my emails or calls. Today I went to pay my remaining balance which was supposed to be $12 but instead was 25 because of campaign 6 brochures. Order I did not place.I had 10 to start with and did not want to place an order until I placed my campaign 5 order. How can I cancel it or stop this from occurring in the future?


    • Howdy Cindy!

      Unfortunately, sometimes this happens and it is unethical and should be reported. Occasionally a district manager will put in an order under a representative to “help them start their business”, but really they are needing an order to help them to reach their personal goals.

      You should call Avon at 1-513-551-2688 and tell them that you did not submit the order and request credit for it. Then you should email the Office of the President ( with a complaint. Let them know everything that you know about the order that was submitted without your approval, and you can let them know that your manager hasn’t responded to you.

      Avon has some fantastic district sales managers (I know many)! But there are a few who are so stressed about reaching their numbers that they forget basic morality. Don’t be afraid to report it.

      Good luck to you!


  40. Veronica says:

    Hi I just want to say THANK YOU FOR THE WEALTH OF INFO. This has been an eye opener. You have answered so many questions for me. I’m not sure if you touched on returns. I know that AVON offers customers 100% satisfaction or they can return the item(s). Does the Rep have to pay for the return or does AVON cover the return fee? Please help me find the answer to this. I really appreciate the info on this page. Thank you so much!!


  41. Hello,
    What is the difference between the +3 brochure and the appointment kit? Thank you so much!


    • Hi Katilyn!

      The +3 Brochure is a pack of 10 brochures 3 campaigns ahead. For example, if you were submitting a C10 order, you would normally be ordering books for C12. If you order the +3 Brochure from the Leadership Menu, you will get ten C13 books. You can order as many as you need and you will be charged according to the total number of brochures you order on that invoice.

      The Appointment Kit includes all of the things needed to help a New Representative start their business. It is $15.

      Hope this helps!

      Paula :)


      • maura says:

        I am a little confused. I had 1 customer pay direct delivery of 67 and another direct delivery of 45.. do i have a charge i have to pay to avon? They did everything via website..please explain tyy


      • If they placed their order for direct delivery through your website, you don’t have to do anything at all! Give it a few days and you will see a credit for your commission for their orders on your Avon account. Congrats on the orders!!!


  42. Thank u so much for providing information about avon system for new representatives. It’s really helpful


  43. I love finding information! If you could answer a quick question. Couldn’t find a thorough enough of one on my website and I want to be sure I get it correct.
    C10 was my second campaign. I had one item that was out of stock so it did not ship. The comment on the line item says “Not available Please reorder.” Under that there is a bold paragraph about if I no longer with to receive any of the items I need to call Customer Care to adjust my account using Fast Talk. Obviously I have paid for the original order and so far I have not been credited for the item not shipping.
    Will there be no credit until I cancel the order? Based on the note there will be no shipment unless I reorder?
    I feel that these two notes are contradicting.
    Thank you so much for your help!


    • Howdy Heather!

      Actually, you haven’t paid for the product if it didn’t ship to you. If something shows up under the “Not Available” section on your invoice, then you weren’t charged anything for that item. If it is on backorder, it will ship when you place your next order (or it will go on backorder again). You won’t have to pay for it until it is shipped. For things that are “Not Available, Please Do Not Reorder”, you will never be billed for those. As a side note, you can absolutely reorder those items because sometimes they are available the next campaign! If your customer still wants them, you don’t want to miss the opportunity for a sale. You can also go to your personal website and see if you can get those items through there. It is a different warehouse, so sometimes we can get things online that we can’t get in our regular orders.

      Hope this helps! Good luck!



  44. I have some questions for you:

    – If I start and discover that Avon is not for me, is there any penalty for stopping?

    – I live in California, can I get on your team?

    -As far as taxes are concerned, I know you said to keep track of everything that can be deducted, but what do I need to show what I have earned for the year? Does Avon send me that paperwork at the end of the year?

    -As far as the customers’ payments to me, I would feel most comfortable making it my policy to take those in full upfront when they make their order. Is that unusual to ask for the full payment upfront?

    -In an effort to spend less money at the beginning, do you think that making up a flyer to leave on people’s porches that explains what I’m doing and asks them to text me if they would like me to drop off a catalog, is a good idea?

    Thank you for your time,


    • Howdy Katie!

      I would love to have you on my team! :D

      1. Nope, no penalty for stopping if you decide that Avon isn’t for you.

      2. Yes! Go to and use code pweatherly. Make sure that it asks you for a code, otherwise they will just attach you to whomever they wish.

      3. Collecting payments up front is now recommended. Avon no longer gives new representatives credit, so you will have to pay for your order when you submit them.

      4. Avon offers a great Daily Collection flyer that is perfect for this very thing! It shows 6 items, a $38 value, for $19.99. Pre-selling these is a great way to launch your business! I can email it to you (it won’t let me post the picture in this comment section). Email me at and I can send it to you. :)

      Let me know if I can help you with anything or answer any other questions.

      ~Paula :)


  45. Kate Sullivan says:

    Hello! I have a question. I had an initial credit of $200 but my order total came to 399.50 (431.90 with s&h plus tax). I earned 71.31 off of this order which brought my order total to 360.59… do i have to pay ALL of the 360.59 as soon as i submit my order? Or does the $200 credit limit come off of that, and I pay the $160.59? I am so confused by this


    • Howdy Kate!

      You should just have to pay $160.59 and you would pay the remaining $200 when you receive your shipment. You might want to pay a little more than that as a deposit just in case something is off in the calculations. It is better to overpay so that your order doesn’t get stuck on hold.

      One more thing, a few hours after you submit your order, you should be able to call Avon at 1-513-551-2866, and the automated system will stop you at the beginning of the call if your order is on hold. That would mean that you would need to pay more of a deposit. If it doesn’t stop you, that means either your order isn’t on hold or your order hasn’t had a chance to bill yet.

      Be patient with Avon’s credit system. It is old and has a few issues. The best thing is to always submit your orders early on the day they are due and pay more than you think you will need to pay.

      Hope this helps! Congrats on your new business!



  46. Natalie says:

    Hello, how can I find out when the campaign starts and stops for my ZIP Code and when the money is due to Avon? I assume that the beginning of a campaign would be the best time to sign up to become a rep, so that I have enough time to get the catalogs out, get orders, and turn them in by the due date. How does that work?
    Thank you, Katie


    • Howdy Katie!

      You would have to either ask a representative who lives in your zip code or you would have to ask a leadership representative to look it up for you. However, you aren’t considered an active representative until you place your first order (or until you have a customer place an order through your website for direct delivery). So really, you can join at any time and then figure out your schedule.

      If you would like to join my team, you can sign up online at and use reference code pweatherly. Would love to have you!

      Paula :)


  47. Hello, I am new to this and have questions. If I was leaving brochures in doc offices, grocery store etc, these would be customers that would be visiting my online store and buying, correct? Also, I saw “direct deliver” or something like that, and “Rep deliver” if they hit the wrong option and you don’t know there person that isn’t cool. I may not be able to deliver. Can that happen? Another question. I just purchased something for myself. I went under my own store, was I supposed to? I know I can’t get commission off myself. Also, where will I see my commission money going? I signed up for direct depost, is that instant? Last, I thought I read I need to keep buying different catalogs. That true? Any help is very much appreciated.



    • Howdy Carley!

      Welcome to Avon! I hope you are enjoying your new business. Keep in mind that there is a lot to learn when starting something new, so it is normal to have lots of questions! I’ll try to answer them for you…

      When you set up your e-store website, you have the option to allow both representative delivery and direct delivery. If you only want customers who shop online to be able to pay online and have Avon ship directly to them, then go into your Web Office, look under the “estore” tab, and select “Personalization Tool”. Then click on the “Customer Preferences” tab and change it to Direct Delivery Only. Make sure to save the changes. Now when your customers shop online, they will have to have it shipped to them.

      Secondly, you do earn commission off of your personal orders. It comes in the form of a discount. If you were shopping online on your customer website, you will pay full price just like all of your online customers and then Avon will credit your Avon account with the commission you earn from that order. If you are ordering for yourself on your regular order through, your order total is discounted based on the size of your order and that is your commission.

      Your commission that you make from online orders will get credited to your Avon account. You can use this money towards the purchase of your regular orders. Or, if you are selling mostly online and have set up Direct Delivery Direct Deposit, Avon will deposit your commission into your bank account every two weeks.

      Finally, you do need to purchase new catalogs for every campaign. This will allow your customers to have access to the latest specials. Think of the brochures as your store…and the more you have out in the hands of your customers, the more money you should make. I use Campaign Mailer to mail brochures. If you order through them, the cost includes the brochure.

      I hope that this helps you Carley! Good luck!

      ~Paula :)


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