Promoting Your Avon Business

You’ll want to market your Avon business so that you expand your Avon network to increase your customer base and number of recruits.  Here are just a few ways you can promote your Avon business!

  • The Avon brochure is your store!  Be sure to order enough books for your current customers and adding new customers each campaign.
  • Display business cards and samples on your desk at work
  • Wear an Avon pin or name tag where ever you go!
  • Wear clothing with an Avon logo.
  • Advertise!  Use free online classifieds or advertise in your local paper.
  • Display an Avon magnet or decal on your vehicle.

There are several Avon Advantage Partners that sell Avon business supplies. You can find them at:

My favorite Avon Advantage Partners are Merrill, Town and Country, and the Oakwood Group.

You can also shop and order free business cards and other print materials, you’ll just pay shipping and handling. This site will suggest you buy other products, but you can just select the free offers. You can subscribe to the Vista Print website to receive free offers. Be creative! I’ve used the free postcards to print recruiting information and the business cards to collect contact information from leads.

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